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Hello love, I'm Beth

A nature based Mind & Movement Coach, Mentor, Yoga Facilitator, Meditation Guide & Trainee Counsellor. 

I've tried to cut title that down but, just like you, I'm a multi-faceted human being!

Growing up, I always wanted to help people feel better, so I became a teacher. 

It was great, I lived in exciting places, taught brilliant small humans, mentored and coached trainees and my teaching team. Then life had other plans...


About my background...

I come from a long line of teachers and married into an even longer one! Teaching is very much in my blood and I'm pretty good at it (yes, that was a gentle horn toot - they get easier with practise!).

As I climbed the rungs of the ladder, I realised that although I loved being in the classroom, what really lit me up was mentoring and coaching other teachers. 

Unfortunately, my body had a bit of a melt down at this point as I was balancing (or not) a heavy teaching schedule with leading a team, running courses for a local research project, supporting other teams and trying to have a life. Add in a couple of really not fun (at that point, undiagnosed) health conditions and burnout hit! 

So I took brave, gentle action and put my health first. I retrained, went back to nannying to bring in an income and started supporting others who had also hit rock bottom.

A deep realization struck: Our health and wellbeing doesn't have to come last.


While I'd love to say life has been sunshine and roses since that tricky time, let's be real - we don't live in an Instagram perfect life where we all have time (and money) to make green smoothies every morning, have a 4 hour morning routine and glide to a job that brings us light and joy in every moment. I mean, if you do then I'm blooming thrilled for you and would like to know your secrets. But for us mere mortals, we need someone who's a little bit more straight talking (sorry, I'm Northern). 

The stuff that I walk through with people comes in all shapes and sizes, because life comes in all shapes and sizes!

Sometimes we need a listening ear to help us figure out what step to take next in our career, sometimes we need someone to help us make a plan of action and follow through. Sometimes we need someone to quite literally walk beside us and just listen (did I mention I'm training to be a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor?) 

Whatever your stuff is, I'm wholeheartedly here for it. 


One Thing I Believe in is That...

Destiny is not preordained; it's what we make of the choices we're brave enough to take.

Get To Know
Me A Little Better...


Doing things that make you feel alive and full of awe and wonder. I get this on the top of a mountain. 


I blooming love an Agatha Christie! Poirot is my favourite.


Anything by Emma Gannon, or Grounded by Ruth Allen


Find the joy in things, whether that's wild swimming, climbing mountains or knitting


Pottery Throwdown! Keith's big emotions make me smile. 


Life passes whether you choose to participate in it or not.


Ready To Start Your Journey Back To Being Uniquely You?

Get in touch today and book a session where we go over where you are right now and how I can help you get to where you want to be!

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