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Corporate Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing has been increasingly researched over the years & although it is never going to be the 'magic solution' some may wish it to be, there is something to be said for supporting the wellbeing of your team.

So what does that mean in real terms?

Each workplace is going to find a wellbeing solution that works for them, whether that's offering counselling, lunchtime yoga classes or hiring a masseuse to wander around the office (yes, this is a service I've seen offered).  

The important thing is finding the solution that works for you and your workplace. 

As the LSE's research into workplace wellbeing suggests that autonomy is a key factor in employee wellbeing, my focus is on creating a toolkit of offerings from which employees can choose from. 

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Wellbeing intervention only works when the organisation puts in the work

Wellbeing is comes from the top - for it to be effective, there must be a whole company belief that it is essential not just a 'should have'.  

Ways I can support you

With years of experience in both the public & private sector, I have seen the impact of poor wellbeing on staff (and experienced it myself). Whilst a workshop probably won't 'fix' it, sharing how to live well or understand your nervous system a little better certainly won't hurt. 

Wellbeing Workshops

These 60 minute workshops are designed to support your workforce in understanding different aspects of wellbeing & how to utilise research based and practical techniques to enhance their wellbeing. 

Topics that can be covered:

Burnout - what it looks like, why it happens and what you can do to avoid it. 

Stress Management - what stress is (possibly not what you think), how to utilise the 'good stress' in your days & manage the less useful stress.

Breathwork & meditation - there's a reason it's so in vogue at the moment, it works. 

One to one wellbeing coaching

Wellbeing coaching, within the corporate environment, is essentially supporting your team in living well - however that looks to them. 

I have worked with many, many people who are experiencing burnout in one of it's many guises & creating a structured, them-shaped plan to come through it has been lifechanging for each and every one of them. 

Wellbeing coaching isn't just for those experiencing burnout though, it's for those who are struggling with workload prioritisation, for those who have had a dip in their mental health and for those who just don't feel 'quite right'. 


These 60 minute sessions can be taken in person, as a walk or online - whatever works best for the individual.  

One to one leadership coaching

Before transitioning to my role as a coach & trainee counsellor, I was a leader in education & have coached many within this sphere. 

Leadership coaching isn't about how to get you up a ladder, it's about learning to best utilise your unique set of skills in order to thrive in your leadership. 

The world not only needs leaders who are bold, brave & compassionate but it also needs longevity. This is where working on your leadership 'stuff' comes into play. 

Support that I've given in the past has looked like: how to manage one's own feelings towards a challenging team member, creating them-shaped plans to ensure they don't burn out & much more as every leader brings their own unique experience to the table. 

Hi, I'm Beth, 

I specialise in burnout because burnout has been a long standing companion of mine. With a couple of fun chronic health conditions that are not fans of stress, nurturing my nervous system in easy ways has been a life changer. 


After many years teaching, coaching and mentoring in the education sector, a hefty medley of burnout and undiagnosed chronic health stuff resulted in me heading out of the classroom and into the wellbeing world to retrain.


Over the last five years, I've developed a unique style of facilitating which merges research based practice, ancient healing modalities and a hefty dose of common sense. 


I know life is busy and our energy is finite so everything I share is easy to implement, effective and won't take up two hours of your day.

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