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Nurture Your Nervous System

When life feels more than a bit rushed and you have the weight of all of the ‘stuff’ on your shoulders, it’s exhausting. By befriending your nervous system, we can create a bit of space in the day to breathe.

You know that feeling of being off kilter?

Perhaps it’s the seemingly endless to-do list, or the constant feeling of chasing your tail.

Maybe it’s the sudden lapses of memory when you walk into a room and promptly forget what it was that you went in for.

What if it wasn’t you ‘not coping’ or ‘not living up to expectations’ and what if you were already doing the best that you could with the tools that you have? What if actually it’s the constant bombardment of your nervous system that’s the core? That feels a bit gentler doesn’t it? 

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The best thing is you’ve got all of the tools in you already.

Introducing: Nurture Your Nervous System.

A six session series of workshops, in collaboration with Old Wood Organic CIC, that will:


Help you understand why you’re feeling stuck/frozen/constantly raging through Poly Vagal Theory (the cool science stuff behind how the nervous system affects pretty much everything and how we can work with it rather than against it)


Guide you in getting comfortable with spotting when you’re going into a nervous system paddy (technical term)


Most importantly, they’ll give you the tools to make lasting, sustainable change that doesn’t require a two hour morning routine and membership to the 5am club.

Hi, I'm Beth, 

I specialise in burnout because burnout has been a long standing companion of mine. With a couple of fun chronic health conditions that are not fans of stress, nurturing my nervous system in easy ways has been a life changer. 


After many years teaching, coaching and mentoring in the education sector, a hefty medley of burnout and undiagnosed chronic health stuff resulted in me heading out of the classroom and into the wellbeing world to retrain.


Over the last five years, I've developed a unique style of facilitating which merges research based practice, ancient healing modalities and a hefty dose of common sense. 


I know life is busy and our energy is finite so everything I share is easy to implement, effective and won't take up two hours of your day.


The six sessions will consist of:

  1. A mindful nature walk from Skellingthorpe Community Centre into the Old Woods, allowing you to gently shed the humdrum of everyday (even if it’s only until you get back to the car)

  2. Gentle yoga and meditation in the shelter of the Old Wood, an ancient woodland managed by The Woodland Trust

  3. Space to discuss different aspects of how the system affects all areas of our lives and techniques to nurture it

  4. Herbal tea foraged from the Community Garden at Old Wood Organic and an opportunity to chat over what we’ve learnt in the session


The Finer details

  • The sessions run from 10am to 11:30am on the second Saturday of each month (16th March, 13th April, 11th May, 8th June, 13th July and 10th August)

  • You can sign up for all six sessions or come along to individual ones

  • We will meet at Skellingthorpe Community Centre (what3words ///lasts.reserved.amending) and begin our session with a 15 minute mindful walk. Please let me know if you have access needs as we can accommodate these should the walk be too much. 

  • The sessions will run no matter the weather, so please dress appropriately and wear shoes that are comfortable and you don’t mind getting muddy! Don't worry about mats - I have plenty

  • The investment for the sessions is £20 per session if booked individually, with a 15% reduction should you book the block as a whole (£102)

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