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Ready to walk through the liminal times?

I'll be right there with you, supporting you & forever cheering you on.

Here's how I can help you




One off sessions to help you get untangled with whatever it is that you've got going on.

90 minutes to unravel the stuff & make a you-shaped plan

The Cusp

For the liminal times when you need a bit of extra, longer term support.

Whatever the change is that you're working with, I'll be there to walk beside you in it. 



Learn to befriend your nervous system, move lightly & support your wellbeing through movement.


Not sure what the best option for you is? Book a connection call

Choosing a life coach is a big commitment, you're going to be talking about stuff that you might not usually talk about, setting daring goals and sometimes having a bit of a weep - you need someone you can trust to hold that space for you. 

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