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Unravelling - For When Things Feel Tangled & Stuck

You know those times where we can't see
the wood from the trees?

Those are the times that I developed Unravelling for. 

We’ll meet for a one-off 90 minute session where we’ll unknot the tangled stuff and co-create your plan moving forward. 

You’ll leave the session with bags of confidence and clarity. Not forgetting a you-shaped plan for whatever change you’re moving into.


And, you’ll have me in your corner for the next 30 days - I’m a fan of a voice note.

Blurry Forest

I felt like Beth really listened to me and didn’t make me feel rushed but instead went at my pace and and boosted my self confidence by encouraging me to reframe my thinking and move towards being the best version of myself. I’m forever grateful for Beth!

Choose that one big 'thing' that's keeping you tangled

For example...

  • Working out what’s next for you - this doesn’t have to be career related, I’ve walked with people through fertility, house moves & rejigging family shaped boundaries

  • You’re feeling stuck at work and you’re not sure what you should do 

  • You’re trying to make sustainable changes to your wellbeing but keep lapsing back to old habits 

  • Getting clarity on that one thing that keeps getting tangled 

  • Helping you make a decision you’ve been tussling with for a while 

  • When you know you’re being asked to step up but you’ve no bloody idea what to do next 

  • Picking my brain - sense-checking an idea, asking me how I did something, brain storming together 

  • Clearing space and setting boundaries around that thing you want to start doing

Wherever you’re stuck, we’ll get unstuck together.

Here's How It Works



Book your call

There will be some pre-session questions to go through so we can hit the ground running.


Unravelling Session

We'll meet for our session, Unravel the stuff so you can leave the call with courage, clarity and a PLAN!


The Follow Up

You get me in your corner for the following 30 days - I love a voice note and you can pick my brain when you need it.

Get yourself Unravelled

90 minutes of 1:1 support




Tiered Pricing explained:

Sustainer - this price covers your session

Supporter - this price covers your Session and allows the community rate to exist

Community - this price is supported by peers and is for those on a low income. Low income can be described as those who have little left after the essential outgoings.

If you're not sure where you sit on this scale, The Green Bottle is a wonderful tool to help you figure this out. 

We Are a Right

You're feeling stuck and would like a short, sharp blast to get you out of this rut

You're ready to make changes and know that we can focus on one aspect at a time

You value another set of eyes on the situation 

Looking for longer term support? The Cusp might be more of your thing.

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